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My Friends Don’t Like My Boyfriend

Dating, Friendships

Q: Last year, my boyfriend and I broke up for a few months and took some time apart but later we decided to give it another try. I’ll admit in the past we’ve had some issues and so he wanted to take some time apart, but he poured out his heart to me, begged me Read More…

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Time to Empty the “Trash” Before the New Year Begins

Friendships, Motivation and Inspiration

One of the worst smells in a home is the smell of a nasty trash can. There have been numerous occasions when I have walked into the kitchen and was greeted by the unpleasant, and even offensive, smell due to the items left overnight in the trash. As we approach and walk into the New Read More…

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Why We Loved the Best Man Holiday

Entertainment, Friendships

Fifteen years…it’s been that long since The Best Man first debuted at the movie theaters and since the recent opening of the sequel this year, I have yet to see one negative comment about the movie. I mean, really. It was just that great. I can’t answer whether or not the first one was better Read More…

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