I Went From Parched to Drunk In Love

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Although I’ve never been drunk (but I’m definitely not a perfect patty) and you won’t really find any sexually explicit lyrics in this particular post, I’ve seen and experienced enough to know one thing for sure – when you’re in love, it definitely has a way of making you feel like you’re under the influence of something.

My Love Fountain Was Dry  

As my husband and I approach our 6 year anniversary, I can’t help but to reflect on the first moment we saw each other; our first date, our first kiss, our engagement, our wedding, etc. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and thankful because there was a time when I felt “parched” when it came to love and relationships. And just like someone who is desperate for a drink, I was desperate for a man.

I yearned for love and wanted to be in a relationship so bad, but I was doing all the wrong things to try and get it. Not to mention, there weren’t any real, solid prospects, which I’m sure some of my single sisters can relate to. Plain and simple, my love fountain was dried up.

Eventually, I pulled myself together and ultimately learned how to be “single and satisfied.” After moving to a new city, I was single and ready to mingle, but interestingly enough I wasn’t really looking for, nor did I want, anything serious but then it happend – I met my husband. Even though it wasn’t love at first sight, there was an immediate attraction and connection and my love fountain was being replenished. 

Some people look at our relationship and assume everything just happened overnight and that it was all perfect; not realizing that there was a past before my present. There were frogs before my prince. I made mistakes before I made better decisions. There was pain before my pleasure. There was heartache before my happiness. There was rejection before acceptance; but despite everything, ultimately it led me to be able to say the following to my husband as part of our wedding vows/sentiment:

“…There was a time when, for a moment, I had given up on believing that I could ever experience true love in this lifetime. Then, you came along and I could see God’s love shining through you…”

Simply put, love can be intoxicating. Fast forward 8 years later (6 of those married) and I’m still drunk in love…but in a good way.

Common Symptoms of Being Drunk in Love

It’s those butterflies in your stomach when your eyes first meet and the excitement you feel whenever they’re around. And while intimate and passionate moments will take you to ecstasy, there’s also something euphoric about the idea that this man chose me to spend the rest of his life with (and vice versa). When love feels that amazing and when it feels right, at times it feels like a dream but then you wake up each day knowing that this time it’s real.

I used to be bitter and hold onto to things from past relationships, but when my husband came along it was like I was experiencing a blackout. Old memories were replaced with new ones and it made it that much easier to forget about the ex-boyfriends and constant drama that used to keep me stagnant. Even though the effects of past hurt and pain lingered at times, the bitterness and anger slowly started to fade away day by day, little by little. Eventually, I was strong enough to wave goodbye to the past and say hello to the future. Now, old memories have been replaced with new ones. 

Decreased Social Inhibition
They say social inhibition is a common symptom of being drunk, and when you’re in love it’s practically the same. You’re free with your desires and open to affection. The deeper our connection grew, the easier and faster it was for the walls to come tumbling down.  We’re open and vulnerable to each other in a way that doesn’t allow us to be reserved or shy with each other; even if that means tackling the tough and/or uncomfortable issues head on. Besides, if I can’t be real with my husband, then what’s the point?

Stability and Balance
Similar to a literal drunk, when you’re drunk in love you need someone to help hold you up. My husband brings about the balance I need and helps hold me up especially when life gets hectic or I feel unsteadiness. He’s the ying to my yang. We help each other grow and when I’m weak, he’s strong (and vice versa). Besides the fact that our overall personalities can vary at times, it actually helps balance us both. I can be more of the loud and boisterous one, while he tends to take on the calmer and cool role. Then, some days we switch but everything still balances out in the end.

Lack of Hangovers and Regret
When it comes to literal hangovers, most people find themselves waking up the next day wishing they didn’t feel as bad or wishing they hadn’t done as much as they did. They can’t wait for the hangover to end. And the same used to be true as it relates to some of my past relationships and decisions. On the contrary, the love and passion my husband and I share is something I never want to end. There’s nothing like waking up next to my man without feeling regretful. I’m blessed and content knowing that I’m with the person God intended for me. 

Will Cause More Pleasure Than Pain
Most everyone knows that alcohol acts as  depressant and can make you overly emotional. When I was younger, I was on what I like to call “crazy juice;” I was crazy enough to think that the more I cried and the more the other person would see how hurt I was, the more they would want to change their ways and be with me. But that was never true. Now, I’m on that love juice – the kind that makes me happy just thinking about it. Instead of tears of sadness I cry tears of joy when I think about our love and how God brought us together.  So, cheers to real love and cheers to my man because your love is truly intoxicating!

I say all this not only to share how great love can be, in a funny and quirky way, but to also encourage someone else who feels now like I used to feel – dried up and yearning for a real relationship.  If it can happen for me and if it’s God’s will for your life, then it can happen for you.



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  • Shonda

    Thank you so much, Princess. Your support is more than appreciated and I’m glad to know there are others who can relate to how intoxicating love can be!

  • Princess C

    Good read S. Marie! I always enjoy your articles! I agree, love is intoxicating!

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