20 Reasons Why Wives Are Really Thankful To Be Married


So, I was in the bedroom cleaning and changing the sheets on the bed,  and literally thought “Man, one of the best things about having a husband is having someone to help you make the bed.” Ding, ding, ding…that’s when the light bulb went off and I thought, “Hmmm, what other ‘little things” am I thankful for that I don’t necessarily always think about or say out loud?”

We talk and hear a lot about what some would call the “mushy” stuff like: thankful for his love, grateful that he takes care of the kids, he’s a provider, treats me with respect, he’s faithful, etc. Of course all of that and more is extremely important, but so are the “little things” our husbands do each and every day and/or the things we sometimes take for granted. Yes, we as women do a LOT as wives, mothers, working mothers, etc., but there’s never a bad time to say “Thank You”- whether big or small – to those who matter most.

I knew I wasn’t alone in this, so I enlisted the help of some of my fellow married friends and family to see what other quirky, funny and “everyday” types of things we appreciate so much. And here’s what everyone had to say:

  1. “I am thankful my husband remembers to keep the toilet seat down. Wet butt cheeks aren’t the deal!”
  2. “I’m thankful I have a husband who carries the groceries into our home so I don’t have to…If he ain’t there to get this bottled water, nobody in the house gets water, it’ll stay out there. I’m likely to not even get it from the store if he’s not at home.”
  3. “I’m thankful my husband kills the giant spiders out here in the country. Seriously, some of them look like tarantulas and I act like a screaming chick in a horror movie when I see them – paralyzed in fear. So, I tell him, ‘that’s what I have you for.’”
  4. “I’m thankful my husband irons all of our clothes in the morning and it’s perfect every time. I hate ironing but he’s so committed that he’ll iron a sock if he has to.”
  5. “I’m thankful for the many questions he asks when dealing with purchases or business because I can’t ever come up or think of any questions to ask.”
  6. “I’m thankful to have a hubby who can help me make the bed when it’s time to wash and change the sheets. Call me lazy, but I don’t have to worry about walking back and forth when he’s there.”
  7. “I am so thankful that my wonderful husband fills my car up with gas (and pumps it in the cold) and pays for it so I don’t have to.”
  8. “I’m thankful I have a husband who gets up earlier than me so I can sleep in, and pushes the thermometer up in the winter so I can stay under the covers.”
  9. “I’m definitely thankful for a husband who is willing to climb the stairs when I need something I left up there. That may be minor to some, but my legs are thankful after a long day of teaching/standing.”
  10. “I’m thankful he can put stuff together and fix everything; from furniture to toys, appliances and even my car.”
  11. “I’m thankful for a husband that will go to the kitchen and bake me some cookies when I’m too lazy to get up and do it myself.”
  12. “I’m thankful to have a husband that will go with me to my favorite craft store, Hobby Lobby, while the CATS are playing…or will sacrifice a day of football to do something that’s probably way less exciting or interesting.”
  13. “I’m thankful I don’t have to open the lid to the outside trash can or take it to the curb. BARF!”
  14. “I’m thankful for a husband who will watch “ROM COMS” (romantic comedies/chick flicks) with me.”
  15. “I’m thankful for my husband who will act like he doesn’t like my TV shows – whether RATCHET TV, scripted TV, etc. – but will sit right there with me and watch them (probably because he secretly likes them too).”
  16. “I’m thankful that I have not had to take out the trash nor wash a car since I moved in with him.”
  17. “I’m thankful to have someone who thinks about stuff I never would think about; like it being too windy to have the curtains down on the gazebo. I would never think about that.”
  18. “I’m happy my husband checks the mail. I HATE checking the mail.”
  19. “I’m thankful my husband goes grocery shopping because I don’t!”
  20. “I’m thankful we absolutely don’t share toiletries like toothpaste…that’s one less thing we have to argue about.”

Although quite humorous at times, sometimes these so-called “little things,” when left neglected or forgotten, can sometimes turn into big arguments out of frustration or waiting to get them done. However, if I’ve learned anything as a married woman, I’ve learned (and still a work in progress – lol) that we can’t sweat the small stuff so much.

We have to build up our men, encourage them and strive to focus more on what they’re doing right versus the little stuff hat may irritate us (and that goes both ways because we can be annoying as well). Sometimes, it’s the little things that actually remind us of why we love them so much and why it’s so wonderful to have a husband. So, hopefully this serves as a friendly reminder of that.

For this holiday season and every day in between, I would like to say, along with my other fellow wives out there, “Thank you for being an awesome husband! We are thankful for the little things, the big things and most of all we’re thankful that you love us so much…flaws and all!”



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